Last Updated: JUNE 28, 2020

$5,000 WINNER
$1000 R-UP
$300 SEMIS
$200 1/4s


DXP Street is a heads-up small block V8, small tire class designed for all Doorslammer type vehicles. Small block engines are allowed the use of a single power adder which is restricted to a single spec 4150 style nitrous plate to maintain class parity. Cross breeding of an engine to a different make/manufacturer body is permitted.

Note: This set of class rules is presented to all competitors under the assumption that any modifications not specifically written within these rules shall be deemed illegal, unless the competitor has the expressed written consent from the Event Tech Director. DXP Technical Dept reserves the right to inspect vehicle and data at any time during the event.

This class will be a 32-car heads-up field, 1/8 mile, NHRA Pro Style Ladder on a .400 Pro Tree.

All minimum weights include the driver

Small Block V8 Engines only
440 cubic inch max (440-472 ci engines add 50lbs)
No Buick, Olds, Pontiac
Standard 23/20 degree or 15 degree cathedral port LS head 2950 lbs
Raised intake runner 23/20 degree or 15 degree square port LS head 3000 lbs
Inline valve non-stock valve angle head or LS 12 degree head 3050 lbs
Non-inline/Canted valve head 3150 lbs

Any aftermarket cast iron or cast aluminum block permitted. LSX block bolt pattern is permitted for LS based engines. World Products Man-O-War bolt pattern is permitted for small block Ford engines. Billet Blocks prohibited. All blocks are restricted to factory OEM bore spacing and deck height for brand being used Max deck height for the following:
SB Ford 9.500 max
SB Chevy 9.325
LS Chevy 9.240
SB Mopar 9.600
8.2 Ford deduct 100 lbs

All cars are limited to a dedicated single 4150 opening cast intake and a single 4150 carburetor. (4 blade, round 1.750 blade). Carburetor must have commercially available cast main body and base plate. Billet metering blocks are permitted. Fuel injection of any kind is prohibited.
Injection or introducing Fuel and Nitrous is limited to the Carburetor and Nitrous Plate only.
Carburetor must be mounted in the conventional matter (Float bowl front to back). No turning the
Carburetor sideways.

Any aftermarket, commercially available, mass produced, single inlet, 4150 carb series, cast intake manifold required. Fabricated, sheet metal, billet, and any tunnel ram intake manifolds are prohibited.

All entries are limited to use one single stage spec plate system (NOS Cheater p/n 12500). Nitrous plate must maintain as shipped, no modification of any part of plate, tubes or fittings will be permitted. Nitrous can ONLY be introduced into the engine from one of the two spray bars in the 12500 NOS Cheater Plate.
Nitrous plate must be installed with Nitrous and Fuel inlets facing front and back of vehicle. No turning the plates sideways. Nitrous push systems are prohibited. Progressive or timer activation is permitted. The use of agents other than nitrous oxide as part of, or mixed in, the system is prohibited. All entries must use only gasoline for the fuel enrichment circuit. All entries are permitted to use a maximum of one 10lb nitrous bottle. Any method of cooling the nitrous bottle inside the vehicle is strictly prohibited. Bottle temperatures will be randomly checked before and/or after a run. If the bottle temperature is found to be colder than 65 degrees, the run will be disqualified. All entries are required to have one continuous #4 (.150 Max ID, hole must be a concentric circle. No other shape allowed such as ovals, diamonds, etc.) nitrous supply line from the nitrous bottle to the engine (shut off valve permitted in the drivers compartment). Maximum length of nitrous supply line from nitrous bottle to nitrous supply solenoid is 15ft. The line from the valve to the engine cannot store/hold nitrous oxide when the system is not in use. Nitrous Purge line must exit completely outside the engine compartment and be directed away from any and all engine intake sources. DXP reserves the right to randomly swap nitrous plates any time during qualifying or eliminations.

Meth injection is prohibited.

VP Racing Fuels Gasoline, Q16, C-85, E-85, C12, 16, 23, 45, or NO2 are the only fuels permitted.
DXP reserves the right to inspect fuel at any time during competition Failure to pass Fuel Check is grounds for disallowance of the run during competition and disqualification from the event during eliminations. Fuel is checked using various means. Samples given to Fuel Check Technical Inspectors are compared to data taken from known fuel samples provided by VP, adjusted for temperature, and within a tolerance determined by DXP. Failure occurs when the sample readings fall outside those tolerances. Alcohol is prohibited.

Battery-operated ignition system permitted. Distributor less (COP) and Magneto ignition systems are strictly prohibited.

Any cooling system permitted. Radiators are not required.

Any exhaust system permitted. All exhaust systems must be directed out of body and away from driver and fuel tank. Exhaust may exit underneath car or out of the front fenders but must not affect timing or staging beams.

Any OEM style transmission is permitted. Lock-up style transmission and/or torque converters are prohibited. Converter drive transmissions, or transmission dumps and/or any type of fluid
management is prohibited. Maximum of 3 forward speeds. Trans brake and electric shifters are permitted. A maximum of 2 wires permitted to the transmission.
Any type Clutch, Clutchless, or Stick shift Transmissions prohibited.

The car must retain its original appearance, profiles, and dimensions. Factory roof and quarter panels must be used. Aftermarket fiberglass and carbon/or carbon fiber replacement panels are limited to hood, front fenders, doors, deck-lids, and bumpers only. All front ends must be of factory dimensions and cannot be stretched. Aftermarket wings and spoilers are permitted. A hood must be used: scoop or hood must cover the entire induction system. Forward facing hood scoop are permitted.
Complete stock appearing front and rear bumpers are required. Bumpers must be in stock location and be Factory Dimensions. Chin Spoilers/ Lower Valence panels may be modified (Chin Spoilers/ Lower Valence may not extend past the leading edge of the front facia / bumper). Beam trippers, extenders prohibited. Alterations or aerodynamic modifications are prohibited. No company names or sponsors of any kind on body of the car.

Engine/motor plates and mid-plates are permitted. Engine block and cylinder heads cannot be in contact with the firewall.

Stock frame required from the forward edge (closest to the bumper) of shock/strut tower to the Firewall. Front and rear sub frames may be joined together. Forward of shock/strut tower can be.
Any questionable modifications must be approved by Event Tech Director prior to event.

Entries must retain stock wheelbase dimensions of + or 2 inches. Maximum wheelbase variation from left to right is 1 inch.

A minimum of 3 inches from the front of the vehicle to 12 inches behind front spindle centerline is mandatory. A minimum of 2 inches for the rest of the vehicle is mandatory (except for oil pan and exhaust headers).

Factory type front suspension only. Coil over shocks are allowed. Aftermarket replacement control arms are allowed. Aftermarket K-Members/Commercially available sub-Frames allowed. (Must have prior approval from tech) Strut towers must be in factory location with factory sheet metal attaching factory frame rail to top of strut tower, can be notched, windowed or trimmed for header clearance, but must retain factory sheet metal attachment.

Stock-type, ladder bar, and racing 4-link rear suspension systems are permitted.

All cars must compete on a Mickey Thompson Drag Radial tire with the following sidewall designation P275 60R/15. Part Number 3453

The use of wheelie bars is prohibited.